Elevating Computational Power

For the highest demanding environments, a complete turn-key rack mounted solutions can be provided. We design and deliver various systems to enbale customer needs. Our servers are supplied by leading global vendors like Dell, HPE, Nvidia, Supermicro, Fujitsu, Lenovo and others. Sub-systems like CPU and GPU are by Intel, AMD, Nvidia, and others.

  • The Velocity Series

    Overview: Tailored for speed and efficiency, the Velocity Series offers top-tier performance for simulations, data analysis, and complex computations. These racks are built to accelerate your operations, powering through tasks at unprecedented speeds.


    • Cutting-edge processors for high-speed computations
    • High-density configurations to maximize space and power efficiency
    • Advanced cooling technologies to maintain optimal performance
    • Scalable architecture to grow with your computational needs
  • The Capacity Maximizer

    Overview: Designed for workloads requiring substantial memory and storage, the Capacity Maximizer series provides expansive resources to handle large datasets and intricate simulations with ease.


    • Vast memory capabilities for handling large datasets
    • Enhanced storage solutions for extensive data retention
    • Efficient power management systems for sustainability
    • Robust security features to protect sensitive data

Why to choose our hpc compute racks?

Unparalleled Performance: Experience the pinnacle of computational power with our HPC racks, designed to meet and exceed the demands of intensive computing tasks.

Scalability and Flexibility: Our solutions are built to adapt, offering scalable options to expand as your computational needs grow.

Energy Efficiency: Minimize operational costs with energy-efficient designs that do not compromise on performance.

Expert Support: Gain peace of mind with our dedicated support team, ready to assist you with setup, maintenance, and any questions you may have.